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Benevolent Prescription Drug Assistance Program

The CoA offers a special support program for seniors in our county – the Prescription Drug Assistance Program. This program may enable low-income seniors to receive free prescription drugs from major pharmaceutical companies.

Any person in St. Clair County over the age of 60. This program will focus on enrolled physicians’ patients that are living on highly restricted incomes that routinely spend over 20% of their income for prescription’s and have no other help available.

Any Port Huron physician may enroll in the program. Once enrolled, the physician may refer medically-indigent patients for help with enrollment in benevolent pharmaceutical programs offered by the major drug companies. On-going training is provided as requested and as needed by our pharmaceutical coordinator.
The volunteer is assigned to one physician, whose office they visit on a weekly basis. We ask for a six-month commitment to the program, and approximately four hours per week. The volunteer makes telephone calls, does some typing and completes necessary paperwork to enroll indigent elderly in these programs.

In the 2013-2014 fiscal year, 122 clients received service through this program helping them secure more than 563 prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies free of charge for a cost savings of $722,786. This program is improving the quality of life for our indigent elderly by allowing them to use their incomes on basic needs such as rent, food, and utilities instead of prescription drugs that are need to sustain life.

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please call Linda at (810) 984-5060 or email at