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Health & Fitness Programs

Keeping seniors as an active viable component of the community is always a priority of the Council on Aging, Inc. Therefore, we offer many health services, including health screenings and fitness programs.

CoA offers basic fitness programs such as Total Rebound, Falls Recovery Program, Balance and Beyond, Yoga classes, as well as more advanced exercise classes such as weight training, walking groups, Tai Chi, and Zumba just to name a few. All classes are conducted by trained and certified instructors who work to make it fun for all!  Check out the calendars for the individual Centers for the schedules.

Healthy eating is a very important part of keeping fit. The CoA offers “Cooking with Reta” and “Healthy Options with Lori” which provide demonstrations of healthy cooking and teaching the importance of proper nutrition for overall wellness.


Call Reta today for more information (810) 987-8811 for Port Huron and Washington Life Center.

Call Lori today for more information (810) 395-7889 for Capac Senior Center.

Call Sue today for more information (810) 387-3720 for Yale Senior Center.