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Friendly Visitor and Friendly Caller

The Friendly Visitor – Caller program is a volunteer-based program that matches volunteers with homebound seniors who are seeking additional companionship. The CoA provides training to visiting or calling volunteers to be sure qualified, caring individuals have the proper tools needed to meet the needs of seniors.

Visiting volunteers spend at least an hour a week visiting in the senior’s home, sharing thoughts, feelings, talking about family, friends, discussing current events or other topics of interest.

Friendly Caller volunteers contact seniors via the telephone, at a time which is mutually agreeable. Calls are made on a daily basis to check on the senior’s well being and to chat for a few minutes. In many cases long-term friendships have developed.

Age has no number for this program! For more information, to find the next training date and location, or to inquire about having a Friendly Visitor or Friendly Caller, contact the CoA at (810) 987-8811 or 1-800-297-0099 or email